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At Face of Liberty, our mission resounds like a powerful anthem – we aim to fill every corner of Africa with the song of freedom. Our dedication is to drive change by arming the youth with priceless knowledge while weaving a tapestry of networking opportunities. However, this mission is one we cannot accomplish alone.

Our heartfelt call extends not just to potential sponsors but to every single one of you! We invite you to unite with us in sharing a vision of a more inclusive future, to collectively create an impact by sponsoring student tickets for the Lagos Business and Policy Summit.

Becoming a sponsor means more than simply acquiring tickets or providing financial support. It signifies your commitment to nurturing potential, your role as a catalyst in unlocking the greatness within these budding minds. It is an embodiment of the movement for change that our world so desperately craves.

Let’s join hands and offer our support for a brighter future.

Don’t hesitate; click the button below to embark on your journey as a student sponsor, and lead students in Lagos State on the path to success.

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